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As a consequence of our international vocation, we have developed strong international connections and close associations with renowned international law firms since the very beginning, expading our activity to other countries.

In 2005, we set up an office in Angola through an association with EVC Advogados, becoming one of the first Portuguese firms to enter this expanding market. We decided to replicate the same model in Mozambique in 2013, going for a real presence in the country, by means of an association with the local firm AG Advogados.

In 2017, we created FCB Glocal, a leading and close-knit network of congruous law firms, born from our long association with EVC Advogados and AG Advogados. FCB Glocal provides premium legal services internationally, combining the highest international standards of doing business, together with a deep understanding of each member country's local community, culture and legal landscape.