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The recent flow of international investments to Mozambique has meant that Mozambican service providers have been faced with new challenges to. In the case of legal services, it became necessary to prepare and execute more complex operations and which involve several jurisdictions, as well as to provide legal advice to Clients that at the highest level of services.

In order to meet such challenges, FCB established an association with the Mozambican Law Firm AG Advogados, with whom it has kept a close collaboration for several years, also benefiting from the clear similarities between the Mozambican and Portuguese laws.

Within the ambit of this association, FCB operates a Mozambique Desk to support AG Advogados, which is made up of skilled professionals in all areas of law. This helpdesk makes possible an active and efficient cooperation between FCB and AG Advogados in several areas of law, taking advantage of all the potential and interdisciplinary activities that nowadays characterize legal work.

As a result of the association with FCB, AG Advogados combines the knowledge of the Mozambican reality and laws with the best practices in the provision of legal services. Consequently, the solutions are presented in an integrated way, with the objective of providing a swift and efficient response to Clients.