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Energy and natural resources companies face many challenges but also opportunities in terms of technological change, geopolitics, globalization and urbanization. Competitiveness and sustainability are mutually reinforcing concepts. Energy security, future supplies, reserve replacement, production growth and price volatility are all key challenges facing companies in the sector. In turn, issues such as acquisition and consolidation are never far from the agenda.

Now, more than ever, there is a need for Executive Boards to define and execute successful strategies. FCB’s Energy and Natural Resources team of professionals works with a wide range of leading Energy & Natural Resources companies to help drive business success. We offer a number of services to those clients, aiming to create the conditions in which they can thrive, helping to maximize their development.

The Energy and Natural Resources Department is comprised of lawyers with a large experience on the Energy Industry as a consequence of their continuous work with several Industry stakeholders. The other departments of FCB fully support this team, which allows for a solid and comprehensive service.