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FCB has an extensive experience in all aspects of Labour Law and related areas. Conscious of the need to promote an accurate and effective management of employment relationships between employers and employees in order to optimise human resources and ensure the levels of high competition of companies, FCB has the required expertise and experience to make possible the provision of a full range of services.

Our lawyers provide regular advice to multinational companies, medium and small companies, as well as support to the other departments of the firm on labour matters arising from several operations and transactions, such as restructuring, mergers, splits and acquisitions.

Moreover, FCB has a wide experience in the field of social security schemes and in providing advice in respect of supplementary contributory system to their clients.

Among other services provided by the Department of Labour Law and Social Security, we highlight the following: 

  • Legal support on companies' restructuring processes, including collective dismissals and individual redundancies, termination by mutual consent and lay-offs.
  • Labour due diligence.
  • Advice on general and strategic employment and social security issues.
  • Review and drafting individual employment contracts, temporary employment contracts, employee's assignment contracts and services contracts.
  • Management of employment contracts (including functional and geographical mobility, change of remuneration, fringe benefits and preparation of bonus incentive plans and stock option purchase plans).
  • Defence in court and administrative proceedings, involving employment related claims and lawsuits filed by employees, Unions and Portuguese Labour Authority.
  • Assistance in meetings with Unions, Class Associations and Regional Labour Offices.
  • Assistance regarding work related accidents proceedings, before court and administrative entities.
  • Advice on employer's obligations in relation to Health and Safety at the workplace.
  • Assistance and instruction of disciplinary procedures.
  • Assistance on hiring of foreign employees and legalisation processes.
  • Collective bargaining agreements negotiations.