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FCB has a specialised litigation group, which advises and assists cases in all areas of law covered by our firm, both before national and international courts, as well as arbitration tribunals.

Notwithstanding the vast experience our associates have in this area, FCB values the possibility of performing out-of-court settlements that may arise, as a just and effective way of resolving disputes, especially to try to reduce high court costs and very long waiting periods.

Our most relevant knowledge and experience include representation of Clients and legal assistance in any instance:

Our most relevant expertise and experience include:

  • Assistance in civil and commercial court litigation, including, among others, torts, contracts, credit recovery, landlord and tenant, family, inheritance, commercial, bankruptcy and company recovery, from first instance jurisdiction through to Supreme Court appeals.
  • Tax and public (administrative) disputes, both hierarchical appeals and judicial review.
  • Employment disputes.
  • National and international arbitration proceedings, from its preparation, to its conduct and enforcement.
  • Enforcement of foreign judgements.
  • For cases decided abroad, we have served proceedings (writs, summons and sentences), assisted in the discovery process and prepared affidavits.